Interesting look into chlorpyrifos and bees

I saw this article today and caught the mention of apple growers. The minuscule amounts of toxin claimed to cause issues in bees are somewhat staggering to me.

I’m not a scientist, this isn’t a science journal. Take it with a dose of reality, but it seems we should be aware of it for those that spray. (I do not at this time)

Aka, Dursban or Lorsban

And…wiki says we here in the states apply somewhere between 8 and 11 million pounds of it annually. A very widely utilized pesticide all over the world. I considered buying some Lorsban a while back. Someone posted here last year that it was scheduled to be banned, but I don’t remember hearing a date. KPS still has it for sale $196 for 6.65 lbs. (75 WG).

I think it is fine to spray the base of peach trees here. Just don’t get it on nearby dandelions.