Interesting new persimmon

I planted lots of Asian persimmon seeds years ago from this one amazing Fuyu-type variety which I don’t know the name of. This year some new ones fruited. Of the few dozen which have escaped the wrath of my goats, some have typical Asian structure and leaf form, some have American structure and leaf form, and some are in between. Some have Fuyu-looking fruits, some American looking fruits, and some have large globe-like fruits.

This one has broader leaves than a typical American but narrower/sharper leaves than a typical Asian. It grows somewhat squat yet clearly strives for a typical American growth form. The fruits are confused as well, being squat and oblate, much smaller than a typical Asian but still larger than a typical American. The flavor is mostly sweet but with definite American persimmon flavor. The texture is mostly American and it’s slightly juicy rather than custard-like. What’s most interesting about it to me is the appearance of its seeds. Now I’ve planted hundreds, maybe thousands of American and Asian persimmon seeds and I can tell them apart, but these seeds look like none I’ve ever seen, especially no American seed I’ve ever seen. At first I thought perhaps it was just a random mis-shapen seed but they all appear to be the same.

Just wanted to share some of my observations from my seed growing journey.


Some varieties of american persimmon seeds look like that.

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Hi Chance,
Keep planting!
You may have some sort of hybrid. I am doing the same with wild plums. So far I have only four native varieties but managed to gain seeds of two more varieties Beech and SandHill plums to plant this winter. The four I have are not quite as prolific as my domestic but they are certainly family favs. Curiosity very often breeds success! Keep planting! BTW if you would like to trade persimmon seeds for some wild plum, let me know as I would like to bring these natives back to the landscape wherever I can!


I agree with Snowflake. It looks like an American persimmon.
John S


Thank you for sharing. Are any of the fruits from your seedling trees non-astringent?

Looks like a typical American to me. Triangle shape seed is not uncommon here.


It does indeed look an American one, although slightly larger than the average one here. What’s peculiar though is that it comes from the seeds of a very good Fuyu-type Asian tree.