International Federation for Produce Standards PLU search

You guys are probably well aware of this site but it’s the first time I’ve noticed it. Since I’m a relative newbie and haven’t been privileged enough to eat my own fruit yet I find myself purchasing most of it from grocery stores or farmers markets if I’m lucky. Many times I’ve purchased fruit that is generically labeled and wondered what variety I’m actually eating. The search site below allows you to enter a PLU code from fruit and possibly get some hints as to what variety it may be. Like this morning I stopped at Kroger and picked up what was labeled as Red Plums. They were large, juicy, with a crunch and still showed the bloom and were very tasty. So I was wondering what variety they may be. I typed in the PLU code into google and found the website below. I typed in the PLU and the results showed “Includes Santa Rosa, Late Santa Rosa, Red Beaut, Rich Red, Spring Beaut, First Beaut, Royal Red, Red Jewel, Rose Zee, Royal Zee, Ace, Aleta Rose, Burgandy, July Santa Rosa, Frontier, Fortune, Grand Rosa, Red Lane, Red Rosa, Casselman, Autumn Rosa, Mid Red”. Yes, those are a lot of results but it gave me a place to start. My intitial thought was Santa Rosa but I noticed these plums have a little pointed tip so I’m still not sure. They were yellow flesh and the red was not too dark.

I also picked up some Sweet Tango which had the PLU code 3603. The website below returned “minneiska” which is indeed Sweet Tango. It may be helpful or it may not. But it’s at least worth a shot if you are like me wondering what you may be eating.