Intoxicating blooms


Hey Everybody, Many plants are quite fragrant, but if forced to pick just one my vote would go to Wintersweet (Chimonanthus Praecox) for its rather long season of bloom, unusual TIME of blooming (here in GA about Thanksgiving til Valentine`s Day), and its absolutely amazing fragrance! After growing it for 20* years would not want to be without my Wintersweet!!! The scent on a mild sunny Winter afternoon is something to look forward to each November. Randy/GA


Thanks, Moose, I appreciate that info. Sounds (or should I say smells) great!


Autumn Olive is powerful. Every time I catch a drift, I think it’s somebody smoking one of those clove cigarettes from back in the day.


Anyone have some experience in which gardenia are the most idiot proof? I managed to kill a few and was looking for some insight, thanks in advance.