Intrepid Peach Experience

Have you had experience growing the INTREPID PEACH variety? I am thinking about ordering one.
Developed at the North Carolina Agricultural Research Service and released in 2002, it has good parentage – Redhaven (attractive fruit, good flavor), Reliance (frost/cold hardiness) and Briscoe (good bacterial leaf spot resistance).
How does its taste compare to Redhaven? Also, how is its resistance to brown rot?

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Had one at the house I sold recently. Lower number of blooms (can be a blessing if you don’t have to thin), lower to medium yield, great tasting and nice looking peach, relatively bloom frost hardy. Seems to be disease resistant. Can’t say anything negative other than yield was lower than other trees.


This will be my 2nd year fruiting this tree. It seems pretty frost hardy prior to bloom. Mine endured 25 and 28 degrees this year without damage when buds started to show pink. It was in full bloom a week later with no noticeable damage. My pears, and plums all showed some freeze damage on the other hand. They were not freeze hardy after petal fall and I only got a handful of fruit last year after a night of 27 degrees.

The fruit was pretty tasty last year from my small sample. The fruit was very aromatic. It maintained some firmness when ripe yet was very juicy. The tree doesn’t seem to have any foliar diseases so far. The tree had plenty of blooms but I’ve seen pictures here from other members whose trees of other varieties are much more floriferous. It appears to be setting fruit on a great majority of blossoms, and will require much thinning. I’ll report back on how well it yields this year if I can beat the pest insects.


This year was kind of weird and I was surprised what happened … had full bloom on the intrepid and reliance and bees working the peach trees, then had a night get down to 24 and I didn’t have a chance to cover the trees. I just assumed “there went this years peaches” but a week later and there are lots of peaches just forming. I also have hale haven, belle of georgia, reliance, along with the intrepid … so far it looks that both intrepid and reliance made fruit set even with the frost … still waiting to see what happens with the other 2.


Thanks Ed, great to hear!