Introducing myself: Colleen from Marblehead, Ma 6b

Well growing fruit in Massachusetts sure has its challenges. I grew up in rural central NY. We lived near orchards and had our own apple and pear trees and cherries too tart to eat, but still fun to climb. I am just starting out here trying to grow fruit trees which I had always assumed was impossible with my tiny yard. I do not have high expectations. I am in zone 6b, we have a bit of a micro climate near the ocean. I was inspired by reading this book: “Growing a Little Fruit Tree“ by Ann Ralph.

Photos below are the Dave Wilson multi bud trees I planted. All on citation. I plan to prune them hard every summer per book. The stucco wall generates heat year round. Dryer vent just below may be a concern. Every where there is drip irrigation. These trees will bake in the sun, but in Massachusetts that is not saying a lot. This is not California.

I have 2 espaliers as well: Monrovia photos below of Apple and pears. They face South. They did have fungal issues last summer.

I also just planted single bud trees from DWT and Raintree: bubblegum, Late Santa Anna, prune d ente along a fence. All are facing south / west against a wooden fence and very protected.

Finally, I planted along my garage two cherries: black gold and rainier which face East and get some southern exposure. I can see these from my kitchen and I really can’t wait to see them flower. I pruned the to my knee per book.

I have sprayed the Apple and pear with dormant oil spray and anti fungal but have not sprayed newer Dave Wilson or Raintree trees yet.

I would be happy just seeing all these flower.

Thank you for your advice!


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New cherry:

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Thank you!

Hi Colleen. It appears you have “editor functions” which means you can re-open your original post, cut the undesired photos, and the click “Save Edit”. (I can’t see the edit function on your post, only on my own. But you should see a little pencil. Click on that.)

Thank you! Done!

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