Introducing myself to Scott’s forum

My name tells where I’m from and where I now live and garden. While I was gardening in California I belonged to the California Rare Fruit Growers and now that I’m in Oklahoma I’m trying to get a chapter started in Oklahoma. Why not they have a chapter in Texas. My son and myself started a face book page called Oklahoma Organic Gardeners Network which keeps growing and growing. I have 3.5 acres to garden and create an orchard and vineyard. I love retired life and can’t believe that I ever found time to go to work and make a living.


Good to meet you, calokie. I’m an old arkie myself, and like you, retired and busy. Welcome to the forum, and thanks for bringing your talents to share here.


welcome! you will love this place! great helpful people on here with a wealth of growing expertise! enjoy!


Welcome, C.O. I am an Okie native now living in Kentucky (4 years now) via Texas (about 30 years). So I guess another name for me would be OkiTeKen.

We started our fruit venture two years ago, and still ain’t done. We got more stuff coming in the next couple of months, and hopefully we’ll be set for a while. I hope.

I grew up in a suburb of Tulsa, whereabouts are you now, if I may be so nosy? What kind of fruits are you growing?

I imagine it’s quite a culture shock moving to OK, but I think you’ll find the folks pretty friendly, as they are also are in here.

Enjoy your time in the forum, lots of good knowledge available, and good people.

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I joined the forum a year ago and realized I never posted on this thread. I was too anxious that my fantasia nectarine was doing poorly and was seeking advice.

I have been been lurking here and there over the past year, and in the excitement of spring the past couple days have started getting more active on here. I love all the advice and planning

Originally from Oregon, about three years ago I moved to Illinois with my husband’s new job. Here we finally became homeowner, and with that my interest in gardening has been growing. We have a son who is almost 2, and I am excited to have him helping with gardening in the years to come. Last summer he was very interested in pulling weeds out of cracks in sidewalks, and I’m hoping I can locate that interest to the flowerbeds this summer lol.


Be careful- Our preschooler at the time diligently weeded out my leaf lettuce one year before we noticed!


Hi Victoria, and welcome. Glad you are enjoying your time here, it is kinda addictive, isn’t it? My wife seems to think I spend a bit too much time on here.

Two years ago I knew squat about fruit, but now, thanks to generous knowledgeable folks on here, I feel like I’ve learned a lot. Now we have over two dozen fruit trees, and lots of berry plants in the ground, with a few more coming in the next few weeks. That and getting ready to start our veggies indoors makes it a very exciting and busy time of the year. So glad to see the weather warm up a bit, but we hope it doesn’t warm up too much for the blooms sake.

Anyway, welcome again.

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Oh no! As my aunt always says, if it’s not a good time it’s a good story. Luckily this year I’m not overly attached to anything in the flowerbeds, there’s a lot I want to change that hasn’t been maintained from when we purchased the house and now the placement looks odd/things have spread. I’ll have to keep an eye out in the future though, as that seems very much something my son would end up doing.

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Thank you! It is addicting. I’m excited to see all of the knowledge everyone has to share and am excited to learn. I don’t have the most green of thumbs, my husband has asked me to stop buying basil plants at the grocery store because I always kill them, so I have a lot of room to grow!

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