Introducing myself to Scott's forum

Great advice MikeC.

MikeC are you growing any peach trees in Ohio? If so, have they done well for you?

I like your bed sheet sugestion. I have a 5yr old cresthaven peach tree. It has been a hit and miss for productivity. In 2017 50 peaches, 2018 15 peaches. This year seams to be promissing. I also have a 2yr old June gold peach tree. It had about 10 blossoms.

Hi @Happy1 and @MikeC,
I don’t mean to be rude. However, could we please keep this thread mainly for the introduction purpose?

Please consider posting your fruit questions on other threads. Please feel free to create new thread or post on old thread that are relevant to your fruit problems. Thank you.


Welcome Rob, it’s nice to hear from a brother in Christ. I wish you the best of luck in your gardening.


Hello, my name is Angel. I’m in Eastern NC. I ran across this forum today while googling. I have never been successful at growing anything, but we bought 10 acres and I had the bright(maybe not) idea to start an orchard. I don’t even know if I will be able to succeed. There is no other fruit orchard, within 100 miles from me, I assume because of the climate. I’m up to about 60 trees, mostly apple. Some peach, pear, and cherry.
I have no idea what I’m doing, but am reading anything and everything, so I can learn all about growing fruit trees and maybe start grafting as well. Thank you for having this forum.


Welcome aboard, there is lots of information here and people with answers.


Welcome Angel. When it comes to learning, this is the best place I have been able to find.


Nice to hear from you Angel. If you have the space to grow fruit trees, what do you have to loose.


Grafting doesn’t take much time; just read a bit, get together a few tools and tape (freezer works, but I like 1/2" parafilm best), locate scions in winter & have at it. It’s changed my perspective on lots of things.

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Keep a journal or keep notes somewhere. With that kind of start you’ll learn faster and maybe avoid making the same mistake twice. Have fun while you eat well!

Thanks for the encouragement!

I’m glad I found this forum! Used to go to GW, then houzz (meh).
I have a very small yard z6, in which I plant my summer veggies (mostly in grow bags and vertically). I have a few fig trees (2 inground, one container). I lost my 15 yr old fig tree a few years ago…complete die back, heartbreaking, since I started this from a cutting I buried, then dug up in the Spring.
Now I’m expanding into my next favorite Fall fruit, persimmons! I just bought 2 grafts, an ichi and a fuyu.
So, new to most fruits. I Hope to learn how I can maximize my small space by growing fruits in containers.


@Figtree, welcome!

Hi Andrew! A former ‘lurker’. I like that! I think we all started that way - except the ‘originals’. Welcome. And your girls are darling. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Welcome @Figtree :smiley:

I love your post! What an adventure . . . and so much of it already established and waiting to be discovered on the property you purchased! Very cool.

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I’m delighted to discover such a vibrant community exploring a topic as fascinating as fruit. Already your insights on varieties and cultivation are influencing the plans for my yard. Thank you each for sharing so much!

My husband and I are in pre-tirement, getting ready to retire in a few years. We just moved to Battle Ground, WA from Phoenix, AZ to be nearer grandchildren and to search for a few acres to retire on.

The new place in BG has a small yard, but I intend to grow fruit and garden as a warm up for the bigger place later. To that end, I just ordered a Liberty apple tree from Rolling River Nursery and may soon visit Raintree Nursery to secure a Bavay’s Green Gage plum tree. The fun begins!


Welcome aboard.

We have several members from WA. You may want to hear from them what grow well in your area before spending your money on fruit trees.

I’ve heard WA is one of a better place to grow fruit trees.

Best wishes.


Welcome Catydid!