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Welcome Triloba!


I just have to say how amazed I always am by your memory. Its always fun (and very helpful to them I’m sure) when new people sign up and you just rattle off all the members in their area. Perhaps you go check the map to refresh your memory, but its impressive either way-and nice of you to do. Just like the thread you made for people in the same areas to communicate, I’m sure new people enjoy finding out others int their area. Nicely done, Bob.


Thanks, some of it is memory, but sometimes I cheat by looking at the map. Just trying to help out.

Edit - it’s funny I can remember stuff like that, or other more trivial things like certain sporting events. My wife shakes her head in dismay sometimes with my excruciating detail on something like an old Sooners football game, like who scored, or how much time was left, or how a missed penalty changed the course of the game, etc etc.

As a Sooners fan, unfortunately we have a lot of bad memories of crushingly heartbreaking losses. I guess it’s saying something to get to the big games, but when it ends in a loss, the whole season seems like a wasted effort. I always dread the New Year, not because of starting anew, but how will OU choke in this bowl game.

Also to her dismay, sometimes she’ll ask me who won the game last night, and after about a 10 minute summary of various plays, l’ll eventually give her the score. My sports trivia brain probably takes up an inordinate amount of my headspace.

But, saying that, I can also be on my way out to the shed to get something, and by the time I get there, I’ll have forgotten why I was there in the first place.


My father has a plum tree that has damage that looks a lot like the sunburn damage shown in the video. It is on the sunny side of many of the branches and part of the trunk. We are neighbors and live in Seatac Washington state zone 8b. It’s a temperate climate but sometimes the summers can get hot, not too bad in the mid 80s. We had record heat about ten years back at 102.
Would there be any anything wrong with painting the all the bark on the whole tree, branches and all? In the video he mentioned not using exterior grade paint because they have a fungicide in them. Here in the Seattle area most parts of the deciduous trees more than a few years old tend to get covered in moss or lichen. I would think a paint with a fungicide would be good in our area?


Hey everyone. I just stumbled on this site as I went down a deep rabbit hole on grafting and fruit orchards. I live just outside of Morgantown WV and started my own mini orchard 2-3 years ago. Currently I have 17 apple trees, 4 pears, 3 plums, 3, cherries, 2 peaches, 2 blueberry Bushes, and a few grape vines. All the trees are still small Since I just started it.

Next year in the spring I’m going to be trying my hand at buying rootstocks and grafting. I have a weird desire to grow fruit trees with the end goal to be able to help put people down the road. Plus I have 3 acres I feel I need to fill with trees.

Is anyone from my area on this board?


Welcome. I believe @speedster1 is the forum member living closest to you.


I live in the Morgantown area and have a small orchard that I started in 2014. I have around 20-25 trees like yourself with many of the same varieties. I’ve done a lot of things wrong that I would do over if i were starting a new orchard. Mainly in regards to tree spacing and certain varieties. I’ve had pretty good luck with apples and pears, not much luck with anything else. I live in a frost pocket and I lose fruit every spring to cold temps. I also have deer problems. I did a lot of grafting in previous years but not so much this year. I’m no expert so I can only give marginal advice but feel free to message me if you have any questions I may be able to help you out with.


I hear you as I’m 2-3 years in and questioning my spacing and layout. I’ve got a mixture of HoneyCrisp, gala, Fuji, Wolf River, pink lady, Mutsu, Golden delicious, and Arkansas blacks.

I’m just north of Morgantown across the pa line by a couple miles. Do you know if there are any groups in the area? Or grafting classes?


I’m not aware of any groups in the area. Most of what I’ve learned about fruits trees has come from this forum. I’ll let you know next spring when I do my winter pruning and you have have all the scion wood you want.


Hi, Everyone. I live in Ventura, CA, zone 10a (although my microclimate is more like 10b, I think). I have a small urban backyard, and have succeeded in packing it too densely with vegetables, fruit bushes and trees.

Over the years, I’ve visited to read some of the posts, and have enjoyed and benefited from the information posted. I’m an off and on gardener, but am more active now having done some yard renovation. I have been visiting more frequently lately; so, I decided to take the plunge and officially join the community. I’m looking forward to getting to know you and to learn from your collective experiences.


Welcome Joel!


Welcome aboard the fruit train!! You’ll love the friends and adventure!!


This is the “too densely” planting place. I think you’ll fit right in!


WV?!? You HAFTA plant some pawpaws!!


I’d appreciate any different varieties and likewise to what I have for scion wood. I just ordered my rootstock for next year


I’ve never actually eaten a paw paw but a co worker who lives outside of Bridgeport WV grows them with success. I’ll have to try to get my hands on them to put them in my collection




There is a VERY CONTAGIOUS virus you can catch here. Its called the

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You have been warned.



You apparently know me lol. I guess I’ll fit in here.


Evidently this is more than a disease…it’s a SYNDROME!