Introducing myself to Scott's forum


Welcome. If you have not read this guide section esp. spraying guide, it will come in handy for you.


Thank you!


Welcome! I’m another newby, near Baltimore. I have found lots of useful information on this forum


Welcome Delawhere! I am in Delaware too, in North Wilmington. I have a small, high density backyard orchard of close to 30 in-ground trees (nectarines, apricots and pluots) and more than a dozen potted figs and mulberries. I started growing fruit trees in 2016.


We all admit to being crazy here

A lot of us in the Chicago suburbs.


I’m down in southern Delaware near the beach


I’m a backyard grower in Central California (close to the coast) zone 9b who’s especially interested in tropical plants (but also many temperate ones!). I took notice of this forum because I was looking for info on zone 9 and found an AMAZING thread about what tropicals could be grown here! Currently I have cherimoya, passion fruit, and dragon fruit seedlings, and some citrus trees and a pomegranate. :slight_smile:




Welcome Chance!




Hi everyone, I’m Sara Smith from Durham, NC, zone 7b. I have an acre of land and am in the process of turning it into a food forest, so lots to learn.


Welcome! This is a great place to learn!


Welcome, Sarah.

Someone who has better memory than I do can tell you who the forum members here are from NC and you may find your neighbor here :grin:


Welcome Sara!


Hey Sara, welcome. To answer Mam’s question there are several NC members on here, like @cousinfloyd, @blueberrythrill, @ncdabbler, @cafeaulait, @berryguy, although I don’t know if they’ve all posted anything recently.


Welcome Sara!

I live in your area and have found the NC State Extension to be of great value. Their Gardener Handbook is an excellent resource to get you going in the right direction.

Good Luck with your food forest adventure!


Welcome Sara! This is the place!


Hey folks! Thought I would take a minute to say hello.
I’ve been an occasional lurker here for a year or so. I don’t spend a lot of time on Internet forums, but mostly I am on the Tropical Fruit Forum, under the same username.
As my name implies, I am obsessed with pawpaws. I’ve been fiddling with them for about 5 years but started a formal planting 3 years ago. I began with 16 trees but I keep “finding” more room. I’m up to about 40 trees now.

I live in middle Tennessee, in a historic downtown neighborhood.
I have a few videos of my orchard on YouTube:

I never want to be mistaken for an expert on pawpaws. I’ve read a lot, but my direct experience is limited.
Philosophically, I consider myself just a steward of these amazing plants. My goal is to nurture them to their full potential to glorify their Creator.
Looking forward to a interacting with y’all more!


@TrilobaTracker, Welcome!