Introducing myself to Scott's forum


Thanks subdood!


Welcome Alex. Lots of good people here and very useful information. Enjoy!


Hi all,

New guy here, and really excited to have found this forum. I live in Pittsburgh, PA (zone 6B) and am a lucky owner of a decent sized, topographically challenging, neglected by the previous owner urban backyard. Since moving in last spring we have almost finished fencing in said yard, put some raised beds in (more to come) and are awaiting the arrival of the first trees and plants.

So far, I’ve ordered six varieties of apple trees (five dwarf ones will be espaliered along the fence, the Arkansas Black semi-dwarf will be free standing), a quince, a self-pollinating sweet cherry, raspberry plants, strawberries, asparagus and rhubarb, in addition to some annual crops grown from seeds. I have to sit on my hands not to order more trees untill i have the initial batch in the ground. I am also looking forward to try my hand at grafting, which I haven’t done before.

I look forward to learning from this great resource.


Welcome @urbangardener! The pictures of your raised beds, fence, etc are really nice! You do good work! Sounds like you are off to a great start. You will find so much helpful information here.


Welcome Alex!


Welcome Alex (again)! I lived in Pittsburgh for several years and I still miss the city. This is a great forum to learn a lot about fruits and gardening. Looking forward to your updates on your espalier trees.




I’m in San Mateo and used to live in Sunnyvale. You can grow just about anything there - from citrus to Avocados to any stone fruit, apples, etc. Sweet Cherries of course do very well as Sunnyvale used to be home to one of the largest cherry growers in the state. Good luck!


Welcome. A friend of mine from Pittsburgh grows a rooftop garden, but no fruit trees up there.


Hi there everyone,

Wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I’m in Central Illinois (Zone 5b), with a couple of acres land. A couple of years ago we planted a dozen or so trees (apples, pears, plum, quince, mulberry, medlar, persimmon). I decided to expand the orchard this year and have spent the past few days grafting. (I did 30 apples and 20 pears already and will do 10 plums, 5 quince, and 5 medlar in the days to come. This is my first time bench-grafting so I’m waiting anxiously to see how many take :slight_smile: ).

Anyway, in the course of looking up info on grafting techniques, I came across this forum and after lurking and repeatedly sucked into interesting threads, I decided to join and am excited to learn so much more.


Welcome Jaime!


That is definitely an expansion!! Good luck with it and WELCOME!!