Introducing myself to Scott's forum


Welcome new growers!


Hi Dennis - Welcome from the Piedmont!!

  • Brian


I got locked out of my old account (JesseS) due to changing devices and misremembering my password, I’m back!


Welcome George. When I lived in Olympia I got lots of plants and great advice from Burnt Ridge Nursery in Onalaska, WA. There’s a gigantic chinese chestnut near Ralph’s on the eastside that’s probably dropping nuts right now. Start some trees from those chestnuts!


Hi Brian. Thanks. Have you heard of Feralwood nursery in Cleveland County?


I haven’t…but it’s been 4 years since I’ve been in Cleveland Co (KingsMtn/Shelby).
Is it a good one? The “Growing Concern” in Hendersonville is pretty good.


Thanks for that suggestion Dennis. I’ll go check it out. Just curious if you ever happened upon the grove of Italian plums at Millersylvania? Must have been planted by the conservation corps… I’m hoping to find a twig to bring home some day. Hope they let me.


I didn’t run into that italian plum stand. I do know about an abandoned hazelnut orchard near the eastside co-op. Huge 20’ tall plants with lots of nuts (may be too late for nuts now). If I can remember all the spots, I’ll send you maps of where to find figs, blueberries, hazelnuts, apples, and thimble berries. There’s “olympia” varieties of figs and blueberries for a reason!


I was wondering where you went! Welcome back. You weren’t able to do a password reset?


Welcome to the Pacific Northwest George, I’m about 50 miles NE of you in Burien.

Speaking of Burnt Ridge, I remember Michael saying they do the farmer’s market in Olympia. They always sold items at the yearly Seattle Tilth sale too.


Thanks for the welcome Quill. I’ve got to get out to the nurseries more. I’ve been down to Portland for the Bamboo Garden, which is amazing, but not to Burnt Ridge or Raintree yet. There is now even a Carniverous nursery in Rochester and a tree place in SeaTac ( Lots to check out.


Thanks, that would be so awesome. Like a treasure map.

That makes me wonder if this forum has a thread for traveling grafters, maps for various cities across the country for hidden tree gems. Kinda like geo-caching for fruit!