Hi all,

I have been working to start a small orchard that will be planted in spring of next year. It will be mainly fig trees, but I plan on having a few apple trees and pomegranate trees. My parents currently have 5 large pecan trees that have been bearing for many years that I am now taking care of - it would have been six pecan trees, but Hurricane Hugo blew down the best tree many years ago. Anyway, I know next to nothing about growing apple trees so I’m going to be looking at various post and asking a few questions from time to time.


Welcome Randy

This is a excellent forum if you have any fruit tree questions.



Welcome, Randy. We have some very experienced apple growers on this forum, so you’ve come to the right place. Where do you live? You are growing mostly figs, pecans and pomegranates and dealt with Hurricane Hugo and zone 8b, so you must be somewhere on the east coast, maybe the Carolinas?


That’s a really good guess.

I actually live on the NC Coast, but the orchard is in the Charlotte NC area. My nephew and I are working on it together until I move back to Charlotte in late fall…

I wasn’t planning to do more than figs, but my one of my nieces who lives close by the orchard tells me that I have to grow apples as well! Frankly, it’s going to be a challenge due to the very large deer population in the area!