My parents recently returned from Colorado visiting my step grandpa Charlie. Charlie turns 100 this year and grandmother has been gone for several years, he sent some irises back for me. It is nice to have something from their yard to pass on.Uploading…


Sorry, I have bad service here and can’t upload a photo. :frowning:



Those are my kinds of irises, Derby. I enjoy having many different colors and cultivars. It adds to interest of what will be blooming from day to day. My iris season has ended for the year, and it’s on to day lilies now.

The very most special flowers are heirlooms from family and friends. I hope you enjoy those for many years, and even have some rhizomes to pass to your own grandchildren. Those would be extremely special.


Yes, I have a very small collection started, a wonderful flower to pass on to future generations.


i would love to see some photos of them next spring.

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That is very nice. Giving perennial plants as gifts, they will last a long, long time.

Those are German irises. I have a few German and Siberian. used to have Dutch, too, but do not like them as much

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Don’t know a variety.


Now that I have a camera that lets me upload pictures, I’ll do my best to accommodate that request. I hope next year is a good iris year. They don’t all bloom every year.

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How come they don’t bloom every yera?

Mamuang, there are always some that bloom, but not necessarily the same ones from year to year. I can’t say for sure, but I’m supposing it may depend on things like the nutritional stores built up, the weather that spring, and maybe even the weather conditions of the year building up to the spring. They also usually take a year off right after they’ve been divided.

It’s not like I put a lot of effort into them each year. Part of the reason I’ve planted so many bulbs and rhizomes is that they can survive a certain amount of neglect. Once they’ve had their initial weeding for the year, the perennial beds always seem to be at the bottom of the list when it comes to giving them care, mainly because they don’t threaten to die on me if I don’t pay attention to them ‘right now’.

I used to have 32 various flower beds. I think I’m down to around 15 lower care ones right now. Once I get the trees I’ve planted the past two years established well enough that they can handle less watering and summer care, maybe I’ll be able to spend more time on the beds.

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32, You are a serious gardener, right there. I can barely care for 3 beds :slightly_smiling:

My time and energy goes into fruit trees. Perennials can fend for themselves.

First bloom in season.


I want a piece next spring! Can give dark violet back.


These don’t have a beautiful story like Derby’s (just a big box store sale rack :slight_smile: )
But they are beautiful in my yard.


Dark violet.


Very nice, I saw a black iris in a catalog once with an orange beard that I really liked but I did not purchase it. Here is a yellow iris that my mother gave me . It came from Gladdis Stubblefield, an old lady that passed away when I was very young. Mom said that gladdis raised this one from a seed pod .


Unfortunately, this variety does not grow much at all. My lovely neighbor has asked for it two years ago. I still have not been able to divide it for her. I have plenty of the blue ones.

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