They mass beautifully and also make good cut flowers


I saw a black iris in a catalog once that had orange beards , I did not purchase it but I really liked the way it looked . Maybe I will find it again. Where do you like to buy your irises?


My fathers hobby was hybridizing iris to create a “black’ iris . He was quite close, one was blue black, the latter was brown-black. He had many small paper bags he would use for controlling pollination. He thought iris were magnificent! This was 60 years ago. He also loved black tulips.


That’s really interesting. There’s something about a very dark iris that is appealing to me.


My Dad felt the same way. He compared them to velvet!


Are those the irises that smell like grape koolaid?


never had grape koolaid , these have light pleasant , clean soap scent


Our local gardening club was selling plants at the community garage sale one year and I picked up these. They’re less that a foot tall, I’ve never seen a dwarfed bearded iris like this. They need to be divided after they are done blooming this year.


Bearded Iris.


My other irises with alliums, Globemaster. Somehow I ended up with many purple flowers including catmint in the backyard.


I saw Bamboo in the background,do you get bamboo shoot?


We are in a cold zone so we don’t have many choices of the bamboo that grows well in a sunny spot. So, we could not choose the one with good tasting shoots :angry:

No shoot is worth eating from this variety. In recently years, harsh winters have killed many canes. New ones come up but it’s a pain to have to cut down the dead ones (many of them). We have so many bamboo sticks we don’t know what to do with them. Most of our neighbors don’t have veggie gardens or fruit orchard. They don’t want these bamboo sticks even they are free.


Siberian iris Pink Haze [with Caesar’s Brother]


Yellow flag - very invasive in wetlands


Zebra iris - grown primarily for foliage


No one wants bamboo due to it being so invadive.


Tall purple :slightly_smiling_face:



I have quite a few Iris. My Great Grandma had a giant bed of them when I was a kind. I dug mine out of a breeder’s patch when he passed away (with the families consent). He supposedly had over 60 color combinations/ variations. Not all of them appealed to me, but I probably had roughly 20 different ones 10 years ago. Some of them died out or the bulbs got tossed when I dug and replanted, should have marked them better when they were blooming.


Sorry, I was not ckear. I meant bamboo sticks/poles made from cut bamboo. They are dead.