Iron HEDTA (Chelated Iron) Selective Herbicide

The ads state that grass will not take in more iron than is needed whereas many broad leaf plants will “overdose” and die within hours. Has anyone used this for broad leaf weed control in grass (lawns, orchards, etc) and has it worked as well as you hoped? It’s supposed to work only on contact and is not systemic, have you found this to be true? I’d not want to harm nearby flowers, trees, etc…

A good overview:


Wendell, I don’t know as much about chelated iron but I have tons (literally) of iron oxide available at work. I will say that adding significant Fe to your soil is likely to send it more acidic than alkaline from a pH perspective, but may not have much effect that way if you find a non-reactive product.

A friend of mine started using it about a week ago to get rid of creeping charlie. So far it seems to be working as advertised. It doesn’t seem to be harming the bermuda.

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I found this: “A 26.5% FeHEDTA product is 4.43% actual iron.” Would spot-spraying potentially be problematic at that rate?

That’s one of the primary weeds I’m finding difficult to control, so this is good to hear.

It sounds like [an overdose of] iron acts similar to the desiccation of green tissues by acids. “Burning down” that part of the plant but not necessarily affecting the root system. Meaning multiple applications would be necessary to finish it off. Which is fine if it works, and doesn’t harm the grass.


I used it for two years in a zoysia lawn. It worked, but not great. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best I’d give it a 3.5. Worked better on some things than others, but not great on anything.

This is one of the few herbicides i actually like. The Hedta forces the iron into young cells and kills them so you need to time it when sprouts and young growth come up and its best used when its warm or sunny and the plant will be forced to uptake it. The Hedta bonds break quickly and iron is good for the ground

I wonder if any of the people claiming glyphosate was safer than caffeine tried it every day for a month like us loyal caffeine addicts?

I wonder if people that claim glyphosate is extremely dangerous have ever seen this chart that compares the health and mortality of the general public in their states to tens of thousands of farmers who, as a group, mix and spray a great deal of glysphosate along with all the other chemicals used in conventional agriculture.



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