Is a non-astringent American-Asian hybrid persimmon within reach?

The Chinese report that “the graft compatibility of the rootstock D lotus used in Chinese traditional production areas is always poor for grafting many super JPCNA cultivars.” Fuyu and Taishu are specifically reported to have poor compatibility.

They are experimenting with other rootstocks and with interstocks.

Diospyros kaki is often used as rootstock. They even have selections of dwarfing Rootstocks, to intensify production and grow crops like our apple trees.
But despite the fact that the Rootstocks are persimmon diospyros,… the agronomic sheet (which I believe I had shown) indicates that the use of Fuyu or Taishu solves the incompatibility problems. You still have to have them.
For information, here in Europe we have 8 different clones called Fuyu in the European germplasm… incomprehensible to me, especially since they are all compatible with d.lotus… which is impossible for me. My Japanese fuyu are grafted on Virginiana.
The others on lotus.

It is preferable not to graft PCNAs onto lotuses. The first year it can pass, but not for everyone. Jiro behaves well.
I tested the intermediates, but I also had grafting incompatibilities… the length of the intermediate must also be of great importance in my opinion. I don’t play with it anymore, I put everything on Virginiana.


I believe given the history of older JPCNA that Jiro could be more distantly related to some other varieties. I think I read that it was found as a wild seedling. Maybe that’s why it can graft to lotus while the others can’t. Fuyu came from a Gosho seed, I believe.

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Can Gosho varieties be grafted on Lotus? Specifically Okugosho and Mikatani Gosho?
I’m doing all my new grafts on Lotus but if there is delayed graft incompatibility, I might have to revisit these plans.

Mikatami gosho, I did it on lotus without problem, especially since it’s a PVNA and not a PCNA.
the other did not.
Koda gosho and Hanagosho for example I put them on Virginiana.


Ichi kei jiro or Maekawa jiro are not good on lotus, just like Izu.

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Hi all,

Cliff asked me to let everyone know that he is no longer have the scionwoods for JBT-06.


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