Is Bonide copper a good copper

Is Bonide copper good to use on fruit trees?

For a liquid pre-mix I prefer Monterey Gardens Liqui-Cop.


Kocide 3000 is pretty good i prefer it. Bonide is OK I’ve never had problems with it.


Bonide doesn’t have near the advertising dollars that Bayer has for Roundup, but their glyphosate did a better job than Bayer, Spectracide, or a generic other label…in a side-by-side trial on a corner lot in a busy part of town–about 5 years ago.

I don’t have enough experience using copper to give a definite answer to that.


Alright thanks guys, Clark I know about kocide but it’s pretty expensive, bonide is organic?


When first using it against Peach Leaf Curl,Bonide Copper wasn’t effective.I switched to what they state is their best product for that,Fung-onil,which didn’t help much either.
It does rain a lot here,during the time of application,in the Spring and possibly at that time,wasn’t using enough sticker with it.
But there is only 10% Copper in Bonide and something like 46% in Kocide,which I haven’t tried yet.
There was a closeout on Liqui-Cop a few years ago and I bought about three bottles,which are just about gone.This and Southern AG have about 27% Copper.
There is still a small amount of PLC,but nothing like when first starting out.
I guess it depends on what someone is using it for and their local environment.


Dormant trees? Or actively growing trees? For dormant, I apply Bonide at the highest label rate together with sticker (NuFilm 18) once in late Feb/early March and I don’t get a trace of Peach Leaf Curl. For bacterial spot and other disease that affect the trees during the growing season, all copper products are phytotoxic to green plant tissue, but Bonide is lighter than others mentioned in this thread.

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On yeah I was looking for next year application for canker prevention

I’ve never used Bonide copper. I have used Southern AG and it has been effective the last few years for peach leaf curl.

I use Bonide for my copper spray. Works well!

I use their copper, fung-onil, and captan. They all seem to work well on my stonefruits. As the trees mature, I will switch to another brand that I can buy in larger amounts due to cost, but for now they are fine. Trees are only about 3 years old average. I do also acidify my spray with citric acid to bring ph down to ± 5.5.

I think I will stick with Bonide for now then like you said if my trees get too big I’ll get something with a bigger quantity

Read the last sentence of my post.

Is that listed in the directions that come with the products?

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Is there a specific dose of kocide? What dose do you use?

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Depends on the application most people use a tbsp per gallon

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Thanks for the video, it was really helpful. I guess a tablespoon Is fine as long as it doesn’t cause phytoxicity

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