Is failing fig a threat to others?

I have two fig ‘trees’ about two feet tall that were both planted last year…my first year orcharding. The Atreano is re-leafing and lookin’ good. The Violette du Bordeaux is quite ill. I did a very bad thing last year and let it make some little figs. It is dead on the top and so-so in the middle. Here are both ends of the section I cut off to see if I could find some indication of life…which I did, a bit. I’m wondering if the dark, dusty, dying condition of this stalk looks like it is sick with something contagious to the other fig?

Likely just cold damage. What were your winter temps?

Ya, 99.99999% likely that’s cold not some disease.

Is there a major disease figs get? They seem like a mulberry to me in terms of disease resistance. If I spray mine it’s accidental overspray from my stone fruit.

Not really.

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There are a couple fig diseases…I just looked it up…ha ha; but without leaves it’s hard to see the rust (which the Atreano appeared to have last year) and mosaic, etc. I’m brand new to all things orchard. I just noticed that the two plants looked so different; the other one being green and healthy with new leaves. Thanks! Some day I’ll know things.

Rust most commonly results in defoliation in late summer, seldom a major problem for the home grower. Mosaic virus is a whole can of worms, but generally symptoms are reduced vigor.

I’ll have to start recording unusual temps etc., but as far as I can find on-line is that it has been as low as 21 F (in Jan) here so far this year. I haven’t looked at the VdB for a few days; I’ll check it tomorrow. Thanks for the replies.

21F is low enough for damage, especially if the wood was still green when it got cold.