Is Issai Hardy Kiwi self pollenizing or parthenocarpic?

I see a number of sites listing Issai Hardy Kiwi as self fertile. To me, self-fertile would mean self pollenizing and sexually producing seeds. But I think it more likely that the mean self-fruitful, as in it makes fruit without requiring male flowers from another plant - presumably through parthenocarpy.

Does Issai produce viable pollen? I’m wondering because I believe I have Issai, Chico, Ken’s Red and a male Hardy. The male is the scrawniest and hasn’t yet flowered. Is it possible that Issai might pollenize the other two females?

Or if it blooms and the male doesn’t, will it just make some fruit, maybe without seeds?

edit: This linked thread answered some of my questions: Male plant for 'Issai' Hardy Kiwi

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Just to briefly repeat what is buried in that old thread, Issai does produce pollen, but it’s not viable. Other female kiwis also produce non viable pollen. This dead pollen can still induce parthenocarpic seedless fruit, but only on Issai. No one really understands why or how this works. There are two different Issai’s out there, but both seem to “self” in the same way. Unfortunately they can’t pollenize other females.


Excellent summary, thank you. Well at least if I confirm the label, and it sets some flowers this spring, I can be hopeful for some fruit even if the male doesn’t bloom. I think my Ken’s Red set a few fruit one year will no males around.