Is it Annona squamosa?


Here in Portugal we call Anonas to all fruit from that family (sugar apples, cherimoyas, etc)
I brought a few Anona fruits today (origin is Brasil) and i would like to confirm is its indeed Annona squamosa (sugar apple)- gonna plant the seeds.
The fruits were wonderful by the way.

I already have a few seedlings of Cherimoya and a grafted tree and wanna make sure these are Anonna squamosa instead (sugar apple).


Hi there. This one is Atemoya. I believe it is a hybrid between the Cherimoya and squamosa. The flavor is similar enough to squamosa. The differences I notice are, perhaps, Atemoya are meatier, tend to be larger in size, and less seedy than most squamosas I’ve eaten. Certain strains of squamosa do have very few seeds though.


I beg to differ. To me, they look like Annona squamosa, imho


Annona squamosa can be planted from seed because it tends to grow true to parent.


I thought they were also annona squamosa.
They had lots of seeds that im gonna germinate


In tropicalfruitforum they seem sure its atemoya


From the same batch in the fruit shop

Are we still sure this is atemoyas??
I ask this because it has a lot of “scales” next to the peduncle, anonna squamosa is called like that because of the scales.
Thanks guys


It looks like there is a lot of variability in the appearance of atemoya. That makes sense if the are sugar Apple hybrids. The pictures of the inner flesh you posted to me didn’t look like the ones I’ve seen of sugar Apple but I’m not an expert. I say if the fruit tasted good plant the seeds!


This looks like Atemoya too.


Yes it’s atemoya…


Of those pics, the lower right, reddish one has the outside appearance that looks exactly like Annona sqaumosa (sugar apples) except for the color. The A. Squamosa’s exterior is usually green when when fully ripen.

The flesh is NOT A. Squamosa. I have not an expert. I just based on eating hundreds of A. Squamosa growing up.


absolutely ambiguous annona, deserves a second, and third look you bet!

considering the stage of ripeness and quality of flesh, i too am veering towards atemoya.

squamosa pulp generally gets thinner and way more translucent at that stage of ripeness(considering that the rind of the specimen is no longer green and already parched, and the flesh is a bit sparkly with juice-- no longer cottony) , and noticeable here that the flesh closest to the skin is still rather thick and still bright white despite the late-stage of ripeness, which does not occur in true squamosas. Squamosa seed units at that stage of ripeness will typically be seen almost sitting directly on the rind.

and as shown by @Lids above, atemoyas may have exteriors that look exactly like true squamosas, although also possible that true squamosas may have exteriors like atemoyas.

the characteristics of flesh seem to be better determinants

yeah, green ones are most common squamosas. Have grown reddish squamosa’s which look really pretty, but taste the same


So atemoya it is. Gonna plant the seeds either way :slight_smile: