Is it too late to plant bare root tree now?

Is it too late to plant bare root tree now? Ordered chojuro asian pear and Blondee apple from starkbros, will get it tomorrow. Not sure if I should plant or grow them in pot first. Located at 5b, weather is not too hot yet, high will be 70s-80s in the coming weeks.

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I’m in 7A and just put in a couple of pears from Starkbros this past weekend. They are showing some leaves starting to emerge and I expect they’ll be fine. I would normally plant earlier, but this time an oak came down and squished a few of my trees so I suddenly needed some replacements.

As long as they didn’t get dried out or otherwise die during the long storage you should be okay.


I’m also 5b and have put in bare root in only a week or two earlier than this. They were fine.

fistbump on the chojuro. I put one in this year too!


You’ll be fine. I’m in southern Wisconsin, and I’ve replaced several trees the past couple weeks that were damaged over winter. A few came from stark bros, even a chojuro. The good thing about being in the northern zones, is we can take plant late and take advantage of the end of season sales.