Is it wrong taking satisfaction in this?



It might be wrong not to. :slight_smile:

I don’t know about satisfaction… but …
My soil has a lot of wire worms. They are tough to squash, so i usually break them in half with two hands. This spring, I was planting my tomatoes, holding the plant for the root ball in my left hand and using my right hand to make the hole deeper. That was the time I saw it - large orange worm… So I put my shovel down, got the worm… But oops, my second hand is holding tender plant I can’t put down… I caught myself in the very last moment… I was almost ready to use my teeth instead of left arm, to break the worm apart… War is war :grin:


My kids weren’t letting me squish rose chafers (they were really bad this year==just about done now) so i would quickly mash them and just say that they were fine (as their guts were coming out of their …parts)…they’ll walk it off. They weren’t buying it.

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I hate to admit it, but I was starting to enjoy the “pop” of a tent caterpillar.

The carnage is becoming almost therapeutic… watch them squirm… move around… then slaughter each and every one.

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For a minute there I thought Chipotle was starting a new marketing strategy to include protein rich PC larva in the burritos. Lol

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Do you have ones that walk/crawl. If you do, you have OFM, too.

Mine were both OFM and PC. To me, they look very similar, ones wiggled around, the others crawled. None survived :grin:

Well wait a second… some of those were pretty quick movers… In-between fruit I’d have to nudge them back because they were about to escape.

Can you tell me the difference?

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OFM have legs and can definitely crawl away. PC larvae have no legs. They just wiggle around.

There are a few other characteristics to tell them apart but having legs vs no legs are the obvoius one.

I have both, plus stinkbugs, codling moths and apple maggot flies.

These didn’t really crawl as much as they “inched” away… arching their bodies, etc. PC, or OFM?

Must be PC.

OFM can walk. You can tell that OFM walks away. One year, I put all my dropped peaches in a 5 gal bucket and forgot about it for a few days. I came back and saw so many larvae at the bottom of the bucket. The sight made my skin crawl.

Some walked, some wiggled. I killed them all but did not use such a satisfactory method you did.