Is my European beech weeping?

I bought a very small beech tree a few years ago, sold as straight species, Fagus Sylvatica. I’m starting to think it’s actually a weeping beech. No graft union though. I’m not sure if beeches are usually grafted. Anyway does this look like it’s a weeping beech? If so, do I need to stake up a leader? Thanks for any insight.

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Weeping beeches are magnificent.

There is a large weeping beech at an arboretum near my home. It is one of the most amazing trees I have ever seen. With that said, I have no idea if you have a weeping beech. I have seen many young forest beech trees that put out more lateral growth than upright growth, though.

Thanks, yes weeping beeches are amazing! I also love the straight species. I got this one as a baby since I’ve found small trees establish much more easily. So whatever it is, I’m fine with it - I just want to know so I can stake it if necessary. I was under the impression that a straight species European beech would have a central leader, and this tree seems not to….

id just keep a eye on it. if you see more branches turning down, stake it.

OK, thanks.