Is Ourfigs forum gone for good?

Does anybody know what happened to ( Ourfigs forum )?
It looks like a dead link now…

I can’t find any information about what is going on there.

I hope not. I couldn’t access the site either

I was wondering too…

I have a feeling that it will be back but the upside is that it spurred me to finally create an account over here.


It looks like admins can make a forum inactive for updates or whatever. So maybe someone is doing something with it? Or, maybe someone forgot to turn it back on? Lol


Thank you.

I was on there last night at 7pm …and it went blank
Though….I Hope we can reconnect on this Forum….thanks

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The owner of the site has threatened to close the forum down a few times in the past. Maybe he has done it now.

I can say that we do appreciated your hidden act of kindness.

That’s sad…but here we all are anyway.

Wouldn’t they have let everyone know that it was going to be closed?

Hopefully its just some technical issue

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Oh no, I hope it’s only temporary.

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I was hoping I would find you guys here!

There are many reasons why the site could have gone down for a day or two without it being permanent…
Most likely an update, a billing issue, or something similar. Unlikely that the management would shutter a very popular forum permanently without any notice or trying to sell/give it to another member first


The site is back up.


I’m having trouble logging into ourfigs, not sure why.

It’s probably because they don’t know how to maintain their website properly, unlike this forum that has pretty much had rock solid reliability ever since I signed up.

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They changed their format today, I was able to log in. Thanks for your comment.


An update was pushed by the software devs. The owner and admins had nothing to do with it.

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What was the excuse the last time?