Is russeting protecting the fruit from insects?

Hi! I read that russeting on apples and pears helps protecting them against some insects that would not be able to pierce the tougher skin. (Of course, it would not protect against damage being done on the flowers or the tree in general). Any idea if that’s true?

If so, any suggestion of a disease resistant russet variety of apple or pear? In zone 5 or colder ? * Cedar apple rust and apple scab are very common in my area. *

I plan on grafting some Roxbury russet this spring, it is supposed to be somewhat CAR resistant and a good tasting Apple but I have no personal experience with it yet.

Thank you for that suggestion!

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There was a thread on that topic not too long ago:

There didn’t seem to be a strong vote either way there, but read and draw your own conclusion :smile:

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Thank you. Can I / should I delete this post ?

No need to.

Hi Jessica, I’m in Minnesota and my Harralson is definitely prone to russeting, its a good producer too, its given me a nice crop all three years I’ve had it in the ground.

Thank you. Do you think the russeting protects it from insect damage?

Tough to tell, my 20 tree orchard is only 3 years old, so pests haven’t been a problem for any of my trees . . . yet.

I see !! Thanks!!