Is some apples not good for dehydration

Just made apple leather with wynooche apples as I had an abundance of them. Cored them purée them with skin on add lemon juice and outcome was not good. Wondering if just some apples just are not used in that way? Anyone have an idea? I don’t even detect apple flavor. I tasted them they tasted fine crisp and juicy.

definitely some apples will not work for that. Just like some apples do not work for pies because they just turn into mush.

I mean all will dehydrate, but the wrong texture will not give you the best result.

I took some wealthy apples cored and sliced them up stuck them in the dehydrater last night turned out good. So guess I’ll be grafting all but a couple of my wynooche limbs over to something else now.

Gravenstein makes some wonderfully flavored apple chips if they would do ok there! Enough kick of a flavor fresh to survive the dehydration process.

I just picked my Gravenstein tree yesterday. Was going to do applesauce but I’ll save some for a tray on my dehydrater. I’ll do more of the wealthy too.

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Wynoochee seems to have a few qualities that makes it splendid for certain circumstances. For starter it is an early apple with good keeping qualities; most early apples do not keep all that well. It also seems to do well in maritime areas so if you live on a salty coast this would be a good fit. Then again if keeping, resistance to salt, resistance to scab, and early are not concerns of yours, there may be another apple that work best for you.

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