Is Southern Ag Spreader Sticker a good product compare to Bonide turbo

Is souther ag a good brand? southern Ag Spreader Sticker gallon size on Amazon is much more economical than Bonide 097 Turbo Spreader Sticker , am I sacrifice anything if I use this brand?

Also, if I don’t finish using it, will it still be good next year?

Anyone has any experience with South Ag spreader sticker? No one ?

Have not heard of it. You can compare ingredients. Turbo is not cheap by volume when compare to Nufilm 17.

You can keep Nufilm until it is gone, just do not let it freezes.

I assume, other spreader would be the same.

That’s the one I’ve been using for a couple years to help control PLC.It was Bonide’s Fung-onil that let me down.I used the Southern AG this time around,with Liqui-cop and things look better so far.
The label reads:Store away from excessive heat and keep from freezing.So yes,it should work. Brady

@mamuang,I looked up nufilm17, beside spreader and sticker (like bonide’s), it also has extending function. Seemed like a very good product. Thank you!

@Bradybb glad you use it and like it! It is about 1/3 of cost of using 8oz bonide’s. Make economic sense😄 thank you!