Is there a cure for runting?

Continuing the discussion from Pristine apple reveiw: Auburn, below, mentioned trying to cure a runted limb. Is there a way to get a runted apple (a Liberty I let fruit too soon “Babies having babies”) to grow normally again?

If there is Hambone, I for one have never heard of it. There might be some drastic things to try, but in the end they are going to be more labor intensive and iffy as opposed to just replacing the small tree. At least that’s my take on it. You could get a rootstock going near it and just graft the variety over to it in the spring and be done with it for under $4, or even free if you go the seedling or stooling route.

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What I’d do is remove all fruit. Cut off the fruiting spurs. Cut off all pendant and horizontal wood. Then fertilize and water like a demon. In maybe a couple yrs the tree might be growing well again.