Is there a portable vacuum recommended to pick up fallen fruit


I just wanted to know if anyone is using a portable vacuum to pick up fallen fruits. In my case, plums that have dropped from trees. I normally rake them up and dispose of them but I wonder if there is a better way. I appreciate your comments. Thanks.

Makita 80V max (40V max X2) XGT 10 Gal. HEPA Vacuum Wet and Dry w/AWS, (4.0Ah) GCV07PMU - The Home Depot

thanks for the info but that is way more than I am willing to spend. I do appreciate you responding.

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If the dropped fruit are not because of Plum Cuculio try making them into Umeshu. 50% plum %50 Rock sugar and the rest vodka

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I was really leaning towards the Idaho pasture pig variety of portable vacuum, But I’ve decided the Hampshire or possibly the Yorkshire variety would be better due to better aftermarket values.


How about a mechanical nut roller / nut & fruit gatherer or whatever they are called?

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Thanks Can you tell me the brand that you are looking at.

@Browndrake is talking about running pigs through the orchard to clean up drops.


Ok. Thanks, :smiley:

Just following up if anyone is interested. I ended up getting this 16 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum with Cart ( I needed a wet\dry vac anyway. Just a couple of things. It did pick up the small unripe plums that were on the ground. I just used the hose with no attachments I did not use a bag inside the unit. It would help if the hose was longer, If you pick up the plums too quickly you can cog the hose.

I think fruit sweeper collectors, like sidewalk cleaners are more so the thing that i have seen people using, like mentioned above some are made for nut collection, some for apples afaik.

Ive seen one hand powered model somewhere also.

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Thanks. I will look for one.

Were I to go that route, my portable fruit vacuums would be called geese (Pilgrim, Shetland or Oregon Mini by Dave Holderread would be first considered).

Years ago I had Welsh Harlequin ducks - sweetest birds imaginable - and was surprised to find people feared them, thinking they were geese. Real geese would be the finest watch dogs & clean up fallen fruit.


Geese are actually on the short list. The pigs may spend some time there, but I do have some concerns about them rooting up drip lines.

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