Is there anything like Mother Earth seed finder for fruit trees?

I’ve found this tool quite useful several times:

There isn’t anything like it for fruit trees, is there?

Even more interesting might be something in the format of where all the available options are listed with prices on one page.

That search also works well on fruit trees, I typed in Ashmeads and got many places showing up including smaller nurseries.

Note that with Google alone you can usually do about as well, throw in keywords “price” “sell” or similar.

I agree it would be nice to have it all on the same page like Google sometimes does with shopping items.


That was a dumb question. Why didn’t I try that? Thank you, though, Scott. Perhaps the tool will be useful to someone else. The thread about the new Gem pear is what got me thinking about it. The Mother Earth tool doesn’t seem to bring anything up for Gem, even though Raintree apparently carries it (based on what others in that thread said.) At least all the hits on the first page of search results seem to be bad. However, the tool did a seemingly pretty good job for “Yates persimmon,” which I did just for a random test.

Gem is not a good name for a pear these days, its too hard to Google since gem is a very common word :grinning: I had to Google for gem pear price bell (including the breeder name) to get the Raintree listing.