Is this a berry virus?

I have 30 or so cane berries I planted this spring. All have leafed out green except this one Logan berry. Are these yellow spots possibly a virus? Wondering if I should pull this plant to protect the other ones in the row.

Looks suspicious. I understand your concern.

Could be variegated? Probably not though. It happens from time to time where a plant mutates.

some type of deficency?

Not sure how likely deficiencies are all other thirty or so plants are typical green and it’s the same soil/bed

May have answered my own question found this tid bit of info on the web and pictures of this virus seem to match my picture. I pulled the plant.

“Blackberry calico virus (a carlavirus) is universally present in older commercial ‘Thornless Loganberry’ fields. Despite no know vector (other than grafting or vegetative propagation of infected plants) the disease spreads rapidly in the field.”


Blackberries get a lot of viruses, but many do not create big problems. The best way to identify the virus is to fill out the proper paperwork and send a leaf sample to the local ag university. In my state it cost $10.

Several years ago I thought I had orange rust on a bunch of plants and I was going to dig them up. I sent in a leaf sample and the pathologist identified the problem as leaf and cane rust. A little fungicide solved the problem.