Is this a germinated peach seed? or something else.. Thanks

The more I look, it’s more not peach. :smile: What do you think?
I did planted 3 peach seeds removed from pits, 2 week stratification.

Looks like a fig leaf.

Squash or melon?

Yeah,probably some kind of Cucurbit sprout. Brady

That’s a watermelon.

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some kind of squash or melon, not peach.

Thank you all.
It’s clear, this is NOT a peach.
If it’s a fig, I will be happy to keep it :smile:

Well, based on the cotyledon leaves I see, I am now tending to agree it is a cucurbit of some sort - squash, melon, etc. Not a fig. I would keep growing it to see what it turns out to be!