Is this a groundhog burrow?

Something has been burrowing under one of my fig trees. I filled in the hole the other day and sprayed Repels All, but as you can see that didn’t do anything. There is now a Havaheart trap baited with an old peach. I offer no guarantees I will have a heart. So is this from a groundhog? Haven’t seen one in my yard before, but they are as bad as deer in PA.


It could be a groundhog / Woodchuck. You can also make a snare and hang it right in front of the hole or have a fish net covering the hole and fill the hole with water from you gardening hose because without air it will come out.


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I don’t think anyone is living in it yet, not deep enough.

inside of groundhog hole is Very sophisticated tunnel system. I had a groundhog living in the backyard before.we did everything trying to have him move, water,smoke , trap,etc. None worked. Groundhog is a very intelligent animal


Groundhog sighted. War declared.

He’s a fat little monster.


Don’t blow up the golf course. :wink:


Ironically I work at a golf course.


Oh man, best of luck. I trapped one groundhog and a whole family move in. It’s such a frustrating pest to deal with.

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I’ve got rabbits tearing apart my gardens at work and groundhogs/deer at home.

I hate animals.

I know someone with a little Jack Russell terrier that would go into their burrows after them.

In my yard this year, I have a resident groundhog, many fat squirrels, chipmunks and new comer bunnies. I have not seen deer this year and hope they never show up.

I used to like those animals. Not anymore.


My dog goes psycho around a ground hog nest. He’ll dig it up and attack, all the while making this loud moaning/whining sound. He also wants to chase down every fox, he busted through a screen to go after one.


Groundhogs have already been doing their damage in my garden. My mulberries have been stripped of all their leaves and random plants are being munched on. I’ve already relocated two of them to a new home: a 1-room den (cylindrical gray plastic) with a [really close] view of the water.


Yup, that’s my plan, too.

Creature caught. Baptism in progress. Mild guilt being had.

Apparently cantaloupe is the best bait.


Was it a groundhog? I have holes that look like that - maybe smaller Did you use a Havahart? Good to know about the bait.

Yes on all accounts. Apparently they are very hesitant to explore new things, so it took a month.

And did you have to keep resupplying the bait?
Did ants or other creatures not consume it?
Sorry. My traps come this week and I’d love to learn what worked.

Yeah, I refilled a bunch of times. Usually it rotted or dried out. Once I caught a squirrel. I let him go.