Is this a jujube tree?

Thank you all for answering questions to my old posts.
I moved to this home in Nov. 2019 and planted one Li and one Lang jujube trees in the spring 2020. In the summer last year, the Li jujube tree bared a few big fruits while the Lang jujube didn’t have one fruit.
It was a surprise to me to find a jujube alike tree grows out of the backyard fence. The unknown jujube was cut brutely about to 4 feet high. I guessed the previous house owner cut the tree in order to let her dog played in that corner.
Even though that unknown tree bloomed as my 2 other jujube trees, it didn’t bear a fruit. I did water it occasionally in last hot summer. It grows much larger this year, about 6 feet now.

I notice that this tree is not a grafted one (no cutting near its root) as my 2 purchased jujube tree. From the above picture, do you think it is a jujube tree?

Thanks in advance

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Yes. It looks like a jujube. Jujube suckers

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Id like to have a sucker or 2 ( or 3 ) if they were avail. Of course Id pay

Yes, looks like it. (And if not, it’s heptacodium).