Is this a Juneberry tree?

Somehow I grew up at my parents house with this tree my entire life and am now just realizing it may have been a juneberry tree. Can anybody confirm that I’m correct?

Thank you!


yes it is. what cultivar i don’t know. i just noticed one in my yard last year, growing out of my hedgerow of spruces. how it manages to survive there i don’t know. its heavily shaded except for 1 lower branch and the top that has grown to the side of the spruces. even so i get a few bowls of berries from it every summer.


Thank you for the verification! Funny enough, the tree at my parents house has a similar shading situation. The vast majority is in the entryway to the front door of the house which hardly gets any light. One large branch has escaped and hangs over the house and catches sun. I have no idea how it grew that large given the conditions.


Yep it’s a Juneberry, was just picking some on a walking path in town yesterday. All kinds of people stopped and said “I pass by that all the time, I had no idea I could eat it!” So you aren’t alone. Ha!


Definitely amalanchier. Maybe Canadensis, maybe lavies, maybe a hybrid.

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