Is this a normal growth rate on Apple graft?


Pixie Crunch scion started pushing about 19 days ago. This is all I have so far…seems slow and “weak”.

Most of the buds had flower buds in them, which I did clip off.

As painful as it was, I want energy to go into growth of the scion. Plus, there’d be nothing to pollinate them at this point, everything else is already bloomed.


Better angle.


It looks ok to me, I had a pear push five feet of growth on scions in one season but it was a really big tree cut severely back. My apple scions I grafted this year on small 5 foot trees have four inches of growth at best


Not sure why you think that looks weak, i have had plants push twice that in 3 weeks, and half that in an entire season. Lots depends on factors like temp, sun, and especially root mass and graft union, every graft is different, but i certainly wouldnt have an issue w what growth you have had…


I have some second leaf pixies. They are slow leafing out and blooming compared to our other trees. Your picture looks about like ours. Ours are on g41. They seem to put on softer/ smaller feathers also which is great for our tall spindle system. Easy to manipulate.


I had an Artic Glo nectarine graft grow about an inch or so last year, then get damaged by something (maybe me) over winter . It is growing fine this spring.


I would only let one bud grow. Get rid of the others and the remaining one will get all of that growth.


Looks within the range of “normal” to me!


So it’s slowly plugging along. But I found that what appears to be the “leader” is not the top shoot. Should I cut that top piece off down to this apparent leader? Or let it grow a bit more?


I would probably let them both go this year and then decide next spring.

You’ve got nice, healthy growth there. I’d be quite happy with that one.


What’s it grafted to? Can you pan back and show the whole tree? What’s the rootstock?


What type of grafts work best for successful growth?


…that’s like asking what the prettiest color of the rainbow is (not everyone believes it’s blue…). There are a lot of graft discussions all over this forum, and a lot of different opinions. I mostly just do whip/tongue and cleft grafts, but there are plenty of people chip budding, bark grafting, there’s a thread about using a drill to graft, etc.


Doing well now.

Parafilm was already breaking away, so I peeked. I did cut off the top shoot as it was runting out.

The second one down has emerged as a clear leader, pun intended.


If it is on a Rootstock it grows the fastest. On a ling of a mature tree quit slow. It’s has to do with size of tree and size of root system.