Is this a Red Delicious or something else?

This apple tree was planted on this property about 5-6 years ago, and I was told it was a Red Delicious. There is not another tree to pollinate it, so the last couple years, it has not produced fruit. I pollinated it with branches of blooms from a friend’s tree this year, and it has produced apples. Problem is, while these apples are red, they are quite small, and are all the same size. Some have ripened, and are good tasting little apples. All of the RD apples I have ever seen are much, much bigger than these. Is it possible this is not a RD apple tree? If not, what do y’all think it is? Pictures of a couple currently on the tree. Thanks.

Wrong shape for RD in my experience. RD is a longer apple.

I believe so as well, they are also very small, around 6-7 inches in diameter.


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It is not Red Delicious. So many apples look kinda like that will make it tough to guess.
Cortland is possible. It is a little flatter than it is round.
If you can cut one open and see if it is whiter than most apples would tell if it is Cortland.

Edit: I didn’t realize how small they were. Cortland is less likely.

Reminds me of a Winesap, especially if it’s being grown no spray and looks alright.

Yes, typo lol. Meant circumference.