Is this also peach leaf curl?

This peach tree has gotten leaf curl since year 2 and I spray for it and handle it pretty well. Unlike previous years, though, this trees leaves are wrinkly and I am wondering if this is still a case of leaf curl or if something else is going on…

Not leaf curl. Leaves look good. Wavy and tips stuck together is normal. In my greenhouse with no wind the leaves can stay folded together esp near the tips.


When the midrib is shrunk like that, it is sometimes mild calcium deficiency. I am spraying with calcium chloride cake at a rate of 2 grams per liter. The deficiency can also be caused by lockout from other nutrients. Phosphorous and potassium in particular.
There are a number of garden plants that can be carriers for PLC. That can make management more difficult.

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Interesting. I’ve planted some fennel and other herbs around the tree for the first time this year, so I wonder if they didn’t rob some of the nutrients and caused this.

The leaves look otherwise healthy. Many of my fruit leaves looked like that earlier this year, and calcium sprays seem to have straightened them out. I went with calcium chloride cake because I did not want to add nitrogen to leaves that were already a bit dark green.

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