Is this canker or fireblight on Macfree? Do I prune now or wait for winter?

Is this fireblight or just canker? Macfree is supposed to have moderate resistance to fireblight.

Do I cut off this branch now or do I wait until spring when I could graft something to the stump (at least 6’’ back from lesion)?

Fall rainy season is coming fast so I would rather not have exposed cuts but websites are not helpful as they usually say “cut as soon as you find it” but follow with “try not cutting in fall”

Any advice appreciated.

I would cut it off and cover the wound with pruning seal. Make sure and prune branch off above the collar so the wound heals properly.

I’d cut it, but leave about a 6" stub on the branch to see if the cut end is still infected. If it still looks healthy a month from now, cut it all the way back.

Whatever it is, you don’t want it. Don’t wait for winter.

Whatever it is, I’ve had something that looked exactly like it. I waited until the dormant season to prune it, because of conflicting information on the web. A big mistake. The next year, I had several more nearly identical cankers in the same tree. Prune it out now.

Thanks. It has been pruned off. Good thing too because on closer examination tons of the secondary branches appeared infected too. So far nothing else on the tree appears infected. Fingers crossed.