Is this fb?

Trying to figure out what killed my friend’s columnar apple. It’s 4 years old and didn’t survive the winter. There’s another about 10 feet from it that looks great. I’m not sure if this is fb or not. I would think if it was it would be more black. We can’t figure it out. Any guesses?

It doesn’t look like fireblight. It looks like a rabbit mostly girdled the trunk and killed the tree


I don’t think it’s completely dead. I believe I see some live buds.

Does your friend know where the damage came from on the main trunk? What direction is the black and damaged wood facing? Is this in UT?

Yes, it’s UT. No buds. It’s dead. My friend has no idea what’s going on with it. The darkness is all around the bottom. Given the preceding comment, it makes a lot of sense. I know rabbits love apple wood, and I have seen one in this neighborhood, but it was years ago.

These still look alive. But if surrounding cambium is brown then I agree it’s dead.

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Yeah, it’s brown. The whole lower portion is really dry brown.