Is this Flavor Supreme or Dapple Dandy

I bought some good looking plots at Kroger today and they were the best I ever tasted. Ive not actually tasted Flavor Supreme before but I have had dapple dandy. These things were crunchy and juicy and measured 19 brix. Perfect sweetness level for me. The pictures aren’t real clear but these have a green and red mottling and I remember dapple having more of a beige mottle.

Of course it could be neither of them but the mottling and red flesh make me think it’s flavor Supreme.


Not sure…Timing would suggest FS…but who knows.

Its too bad they don’t leave the boxes there like some stores (Sam’s Club and my other big grocery store is good about this).

Here is FS off my tree last year

This one must have had a curculio in it