Is this going to be another bummer year?

For my inground tree’s? Looks like another one, way to many subzero days. I certainly don’t expect much. Container tree’s are all ok. Figs and citrus and a few others are all ok.
If my inground tree’s are severely damaged, i will not replace them. To many headaches, just go to Sam,s club. Keep my citrus tree’s and figs, 16 of each.


Well … in addition to virus, masks, shots, late freezes…all the trillions of free money being passed out will make prices go up without any doubt…(free stuff always has a cost somebody pays for)…this is also the year for the locusts (cicadas)…and floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes, sunspot activity and who knows what else may happen…

I hope fruit bears well and early freezes next September don’t kill it before it ripens.

If we are still free and healthy, it might not be such a bummer when all is considered.


Well many berries can be grown there, so with that you should have decent crops.
I swear I would be in the same boat if not for the Great Lakes buffering the weather. We had one cold freeze 2 nights ago, and that was it. My trees should be fine. It’s been cold enough for them to reach maximum hardiness. Looks like the winter is breaking next week too. Heading towards a normal end of winter.

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I’m just happy when I wake up every morning and have the freedom to choose what I will do each day. I can’t control the weather.