Is this leafhopper or thrip damage?

If leafhopper (older nymphs or adults), a shake of the plant or affected branch will result in their characteristic flying off the plant at high speed, the motion is different than other insects.

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I did that but nothing came off, I guess they were long gone, I peeled I few leaves with the damage to investigate better, came off with some of the soft tissue on the branch, some “sap” is exposed would they come back, or be attracted

I think the leaf looks good, tho. I don’t worry about insect damage to leaves until they look way uglier than that, lol. I practically live in the woods, tho, and we have a lot of minor bugs doing their thing. I don’t like to spray insecticide if I can help it.

Like now with the Japanese beetles starting. Once they start eating my fruit, it’s game over for them :wink: (Actually I might even try to bait and trap those this year.)


Yeah, this shouldn’t be on my worries, but seen this on other trees, wanted to check it out more in detail under balanced lighting. I got a really bad problem with aphids on another tree, sprayed neem, baking soda, nothing worked, now I watch my tree suffer, I even tried washing them off, they keep coming back

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I wonder if powdered sulfur would work on aphids? If I ever get spider mites, it works like a charm. Yeah, some of the minor insects need smothering if their population gets too high on a tree or two, for sure.

Back on the rose forum of GW, folks used to say flour worked for aphids? I never had to try it, because ladybugs and their larvae love my roses and they love to eat aphids :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Do I mix the flour with water?

No, they sprinkled it on from a powdered sugar shaker or similar. It seems like it would get gluey, but I guess you wash it off well after it’s smothered the aphids.

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Once leafhopper nymphs are on a plant, as long as there is tender growth, they stay put.
Typical leafhopper population where damage is readily seen is dozens or hundreds.

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alright ill be on the lookout