Is this Mites? If not what is it?

Not sure what this is , but out of 50+ fruit trees it’s only on my Santa Rosa plum. Trying to find out what I can do to combat the problem.
Thanks Tim

Looks like aphids. I don’t think it’s scale. The scale would likely be on the midrib and moving down the petiole.

If aphids you can ignore them this late in the yr.

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Thanks Steve, I’ll ignore it for now but what should be used in the future to deal with them?

Make sure they are aphids. With a magnifying glass it’s pretty easy to tell. They come in many sizes and colors.

Most insecticides will work. Oil, insecticidal soap, or even a heavy stream of water can at least help some. At times when I’m summer pruning for height control I just cut off the new growth. I’ve been know to squish a few.

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