Is this pineapple ripe?

Started this from a top last year. A week ago it was completely dark green, and in about 5 days it quickly turned almost completely yellow. Still a little green left. Pics were taken yesterday. thanks. Ed


Hope I didn’t stump the experts. Looks like it’s getting ripe from alI I’ve read. Will probably pick in a couple of days.

I can’t answer your question. I never got a fruit that big/ripe. You did a nice job…!!

Can you tell me how often you watered that in summer?

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Looks ripe to me. I purchase pineapples all year long and often the ones in the stores are greener than that. I look for ones that have the least amount of dark green and usually that means ones that look like yours.

Thanks. Never saw one that yellow, so was surprised at the rapid bright color change.
There must be a couple of varieties, because we had a couple at my inlaws house turned a browner color. Watered it almost every/other day, and my mix drains very well. Maybe I got lucky, because I had another plant started, but it rotted. Did withhold water a bit at maturity, and tested the moisture with wooden skewers so it didn’t dry out. I gave it the smell test, and it does smell pineappley :slight_smile: so it might be ready.

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I would wait for a few days. This month is pineapple season here in zone 12b.



Ok, will wait a few days. Yours look like they have completely turned color. Does a few days mean 3 or 7 ?

One method I do is smell the fruit for sweet fragrance.
The other method is by pulling one of the leaves from the top. if it comes out, then the fruit is ripe.
Some of the fruits in the pic are overripe. We have so many and they ripe so fast I couldn’t keep up.

Good luck with yours.


I smelled mine and it smelled like pineapple, but not sure how sweet it smelled. Didn’t want to get my eye poked out smelling it :slight_smile: I tried pulling out a leaf, and they are stuck fast, so maybe it’s still a day or two away. That’s a nice bunch of pineapples you have. I might try growing more next year.

I agree. Waiting a day or two as you said.

Turns out it was perfectly ripe, and tasted awesome. We tested the brix, and it was 18.5. Am sure there are sweeter things, but this was the sweetest thing I’ve grown so far. Now I want to grow more…so do pineapple farmers grow from seed or what? let’s say I want to grow 10-20 pineapples, what is the best way to go about it?

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You should get more fruits next yr from those shoots just below the fruit. Or at least that’s my expectation. You could also root the shoot on top of the fruit you harvested. That’s how I’ve started my plants.

:slight_smile: That’s what I was thinking, and exactly what I did. Might even go to the store and buy a few. :wink:

Just tested this year’s pineapple, and got 19 on the brix meter. Wow, it was syrupy sweet, and perfectly ripe.


I just harvested my first tropical fruit. I’ve been bringing lychees, mango, oranges, etc indoors during the winter, but none have ever produced. Now, a pineapple that I’ve been growing for a few years made a very tasty (but small) pineapple.

I picked it late in the afternoon and cut it when it was still warm (on a 90F+ day). Very tasty, though it was only about 1/3 of a normal pineapple’s size. At least the core was correspondingly small.

Interestingly while it tasted quite a bit sweeter than a store-bought one that I cut up for comparison, the brix was actually a bit lower. The one I grew on the deck was 12-13 brix, while the one from the store was 14 brix.

I’m surprised that no animals ventured to try it- the smell was pretty good when I cut it off. Then again, in the past I’ve tried using pineapple scraps in the trap and nothing has been interested.