Is this plum water logged or another issue

Hello this is one of two plums that are in the corner of my backyard and unfortunately it has been a very wet spring. I have only water the trees once so far this year. I live on a half acre that does not have lawn yet. My neighbor does as well. Both of our properties drain off onto the corner where these two trees are. So I am thinking this is an overwatered tree. By the rain.

I am installing sod tomorrow. I pulled the leaves off of the base of the tree I had around it. So it could air out. These trees did not do this last year however it was not as wet. If this is the case also suggestions on trying to help it out. None of the other trees have this problem.

I’m not sure your about your plum but we know from experience that you can drown one, even in well-drained soil. Given your description of the drainage and so on I think it might be too much water.

I don’t know how to fix it aside from letting it dry out, and if you keep getting rain that could be a problem. Somebody with more experience moving established plants might suggest moving it, or raising the spot where it’s sitting by about a foot or so; obviously anything you can do to divert runoff would be helpful but those things can be complicated- the water has to go somewhere.

Looks like you have a nice view of the mountains!

They kind of look like young leaves that haven’t matured

Thanks for the replies. Yes they are new leaves but instead of the new branches being firm they are slumped over and week. Really yellow. As far as the water runoff goes I am installing lawn tomorrow so I am hoping that that fixes the problem. I also put in curbing around the area where my fruit trees are and that should prevent more rain run off. I love the rain because we definitely need the water but it’s just a little too much. It’s actually going to rain I think in the next week as well so I will definitely keep an eye on them.

I read somewhere on the Internet that puncturing holes down into the soil around the tree would help get the oxygen and dry them out. What do you guys think? I would think it would damage the root.

And yes the mountains are beautiful. I love to sit on my porch in the morning and drink a cup of coffee while staring at them.

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I agree it looks mine does. Perhaps a little over watered, but I think as they mature they’ll turn a dark green and branches will stiffen up. I’ve seen the same thing on Japanese plumbs.

I think that should help. We can hope!

That is common for young growth of vigorous plum shoots on a hot day. I would ignore it.


I agree with Scott. You tree looks normal to me. New growths are kind of flexible. You need to do summer pruning for Plums.

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Ok cool. Thank you!

A waterlogged tree pretty much stops growing. Vigorous growth is a sign of health and a soil that’s providing all necessary ingredients, including adequate oxygen.