Is this powdery mildew on my American Chestnuts?

I’ve got probably 70 American Chestnut seedlings, and the other day, I discovered one seedling with a whitish leaf. Of course, as I then started looking for this on other seedlings, I identified 13 plants with leaves showing this condition at varying degrees.

I believe it’s powdery mildew (maybe a oak specific type - I know those also infect castanea, and to a lesser extent, beeches).

Can anyone confirm that this is powdery mildew?

Also, do anyone have suggestions for battling this problem? I see a lot of different solutions for powdery mildew online, but it seems like everyone have got their own personal concoction :joy:

I also wanted to note that it seemed to be the seedlings situated towards the center of my growing area that were affected. I suspect that these plants get much less air circulation than the ones on the periphery/boundary areas. I’m planning to rearrange the growing area (have been for a while, there has just been to much things to do), to create better space and air circulation between the plants. The plants which I identified as being “infected” with this, I’ve moved far away from the area and cut off the leaves. The leaves were bagged and sent to the public recycling (incineration).

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We get a lot of powdery mildew here in western Montana. It usually clears up on its own if conditions are not too humid. In years when it’s stubborn I throw a handful of powdered sulfur in my first codling moth spray and that seems to take care of it.

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