Is this San Jose scale or just how apple trees are

Good morning everyone. I planted these trees as a whip last spring and have just noticed that all of the apple trees have these little spots on them. I know this may sound nieve but is this just how apple trees are or is this the beginning of San Jose scale? I have been reading on the forum a lot about different diseases and fertilizers. So San Jose scale would be my guess but it might just be the way they are. It is all the way up and down every branch and trunk.

If it is scale then just spray with horticultural oil while the tree is still dormant.

If it’s scale you should be able to scrape it off. If it’s part of the tree then you can’t. I’d agree the dormant oil as a control.

Ok. I used Bonide neem oil. It’s states it can be used as a dormant oil spray but do you suggest something better? I just ordered some horticultural oil that I saw on one of the threads. Which would be better?

Those things are called lenticels, they are a natural part of the bark on some apple varieties. Scale is round, lenticels are elongated.


:sweat_smile: thank you! Glad they aren’t scale.