Is this scab?


Harvested my Kennebec potatoes today. Plants were 80% dead. Unfortunately, the center of the hill rotted, which seems to be where water collects.

I still got a halfway decent harvest, except for the five that I chopped in half with the shovel.

However, it looks like I may have some scab, what do you think?


15.9 lbs AFTER losses. Not bad for one pound of seed potatoes.


Man you’re growing food like a champ this year, Bryan. Maybe you always have and I just didn’t know the inner grower in you. As you know I’ve always associated you with growing incredibly large trees from seed in a short period.



Looks like some natural texture in the skin, not scab, which in potatoes as in apples I believe to be darker and more intrusive to the integrity of the skin.


I’m newer to fruits and vegetables, only have been doing it since last year, previously helped my dad as a kid in the 80s and 90s.


10 from 1 is considered a good yield

Those taters look just fine, I think that’s just a bit of russeting


So I did not scrub them, but I did hose them off with a gentle shower and let them sun-dry for a couple hours.

Enough of the dirt came off that I’m not tracking dirt all over the house trying to store them.


I harvested a few Kennebecs two days ago. They looked identical to yours. I don’t think it’s scab.